Monday, September 12, 2011

a new month, no new season

Did Mother Nature miss a memo? Isn't Labor Day supposed to be the last weekend of summer? Why is it 106 degrees again? That broad is trippin' and I got suckered in to believing the cooler days from 10 days ago were here to stay. I'm not asking for much, 90-98 is fine with me, I wouldn't complain, for a few months at least.

Working out was going well, I had that week of total craziness and lost 6 lbs. I've committed to eating just what I need to be satisfied, not going overboard and if I think I want more, waiting 20-30 min before I make that move. Last week the organized working out was replaced by running around and primping for the Signal Ball. I should have the professional photo by the end of the week. Hubby looked so handsome in his dress uniform, I loves that man! My babies are still at Yai's house (grandma), they are having so much fun they don't even have time to talk to me :( I'm hoping to roll up to TN and kidnap my children back at the end of next week. 

Just wanted to give a quick update.