Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year

Hello world!! I'm thinking since I've got all the surgeries I can stand out of the way and my motivation back, now is as good a time as any to start blogging again. I can't promise I'll have lots to say, but actually using my blog to clear my mind is gonna relieve stress and get me back to losing weight.

Just a catch up:
April 6 - 227lbs, had a hysterectomy, luckily we had decided 2 kids was enough so it wasn't a shock or disappointment to make the decision. IMO, don't have your tubes tied, I had difficult periods before but damn-dammit, it all went to hell after the tubal. The surgery was laparoscopic but the swelling held on for months. Losing inches during the healing process was exciting.

August - went to the general surgeon because my lapband port was sore. Jackass says well we can just convert you to the sleeve. Umm, I didn't ask for conversion!! He sends me to ultrasound, they can't see the band, why the hell am I here? I immediately requested a 2nd opinion with a non-military doctor. Michael Blaney, I loves him!! He did my moms GB 3 years ago so I was super excited to see him. He ordered a barium swallow, scheduled for Sept 20. Could see it was too tight and then couldn't access the port. Damn thing was flipped over. 223 lbs

Oct 1, port replacement surgery. Low profile and moved it closer to my mid-line. It was flipped more than 120 degrees and the new position puts it on the naturally flatter part of the abdominal wall.

Nov 6, x-rays and barium swallow. Everything is great, 5cc total fill and I'm down to 218 :)

Finally we are in current times, I'm in a 16 jeans from Gap!! Say what?! When I was a 16 everywhere else, I couldn't wear a 16 @ Gap, I slipped right into those long and leans like they were made for me. AND they make my butt look great! Hubby will finally be back from the sandbox in a couple days, Thing 1 just turned 5 and Thing 2 will be 3 in March and somehow I've managed to keep all of us alive, clean and well fed during the ridiculousness 2012 brought our way.

Hubby and I have talked about jogging together once he's back and I'm excited to do it. I've purchased three pairs of sneakers in the past 3 months, can't wait to see how they road test.

As of today I weigh 216, that's exciting to me as well because how the hell does anybody manage to still lose 2lbs through the holidays? I ate really really well, whatever I wanted. All I can think is I really listened to my body and portion control came easy for once.

Til next time