Tuesday, March 29, 2011

quick update

Hey quick update. I went to the doc the other day and lost another 2 lbs!! It looks like I'm 2 to 2.5 a week since my fill. *big cheesy face* Looks like my fill is at a great space, I hope it lasts until I'm too skinny to have it work for me :) I hear the band loosens as weight is lost.

I'm at 237!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ask and ye shall receive

damn (.) came last night  :( It's not so late, when I checked my account (www.mymonthlycycle.com) everything seems normal again. I guess I'll keep an eye on things.

My posts will be sparse this week as my mom is visiting :)


Thursday, March 24, 2011

I forgot to say

I'm officially official, I PB'd last night for the first time. It started with tightness in my chest that usually means I need to slow down. I asked hubby for a sip of his drink then said nope that's not gonna work. Baby girl was standing on my foot since I was feeding her from my plate, I was trapped and couldn't stand without knocking her down. He says are you gonna throw up, by now all I can do is nod. He dumps out a bin we use as a toy box that's friggin HUGE and thrusts it at me like I'm gonna spew copious amounts. I burp and a mouthful of pork fried rice and that sip of root beer come back up. He's grabbed the kid and is screaming Go go before more comes up. Uh, dude, I'm done. He's baffled. Speechless and I start giggling. After vomiting from week 5-week 40 of both pregnancies, that was a friggin walk in the park!!! He's still confused. then says, well go clean that out before it starts to smell or something. I'm hysterically laughing because he is not a man to be short on shit-talk and he's so at a loss.
fast forward to tonight:

Him: I don't understand why that's called a productive burp. Isn't a burp already productive because gas comes out?
Me: Well, that's the name for it in the lap band community, productive burp or PB
Him: That's just gross, PB my ass. That wasn't a burp, if food comes up that's straight vomit!
Me: laughing, you know I'm gonna blog about this
Him: Yeah, probably. Just make sure you spell my name right!

who is this crazy man in my house, I probably couldn't eat my damn rice for laughing at him last night. My Mommy will be here this Friday!!!

Ok, I'm gonna go to bed, there's a zumba class at 1pm. I hear it's not as crowded AND child care is still provided on site. If it's lame, I'll be at the 530p class to make up for it :)

night ya'll

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

*witty title here*

I did Zumba today. I missed class last Saturday, there was a 5K that I had forgotten about so class was cancelled. I really felt like a newbie all over again! Whhhhhyyyyyy?!? It makes me sad and more determined to be there 3x's a week this week, I have got to keep up.

On another note, I went to support group this morning with my girl Jo, she's considering surgery. She was initially thinking band but at group she learned about sleeve. I love the group conversation, it is for all the procedures so she learned about sleeve this morning. There is an official weigh in at EVERY group and I'm 237.8 on their scale!! That's 5 lbs in 2 weeks, last weigh in was the day of my fill. On the form we fill out each visit, there is a line item that asks for an NSV, I was able to tighten my belt 3 notches from pre-op weight :-)

I'm gonna ask ya'll like I asked the group this morning: anybody have wonky periods after surgery? My first (.) post op was almost 10 days late. It's past time for the next and I don't feel achy, crampy, pms-y or anything. Whaddya think?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vaccinations Suck!!

Baby girl got shots around 3 pm yesterday. She's been a raging fool ever since. Today my big boy has an allergic reaction to what must have been Life and hes itchy and whiny. No one has a fever and they only act crazy with me. AND today was hubby's day out, alone so I've been dealing with this solo, ugh I need a bottle of moscato . . .

Friday, March 18, 2011

I missed. . .

Zumba. I'm pretty sad about it but I have good reason,  we spent ALL DAMN day at the Automax and finally took home a 2011 Ford Escape! Im so excited it's my first brand new car, she only had 36 miles and some of that was my test drive. It stunk that I missed zumba but hello I needed to eat and settle a bit before that cardio. As it was, we skipped lunch and snacked on free drinks, krispy creams and split 2 string cheese sticks 3 ways. Hubby was a real trooper he's never bought a car with financing and a trade in. And my sweet baby girl was just hanging out and greeting folks like it was her job. We spent a total of maybe 7 hours there. It was about 630 when we got home, starving and frustrated at the stupid car buying process. I have cpr class in the am so I miss yoga too dangit! I'll be shaking my booty in zumba Saturday and hopefully I can get a swim in this weekend too. I need to keep moving so as not to lose momentum.

The scale made me smile this evening,  I didn't weigh this morning because it's hard to see the end of day higher. I saw 238.2 as a bedtime weight!! That's lower than my lowest morning :-) I'm tempted to see what the scale says in the morning but i'd hate to ruin my high. I'll try to hold out til tomorrow night. . . .we'll see


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Tonight I went to Zumba, yesterday I did yoga. I'm frigging tired and sore and I'll be in the living room tomorrow with my 3lb weights working on my arms and back. I don't necessarily think I've made it to -aholic status but dammit I feel good after working out. I gets antsy over the weekends if I don't do something. It's definitely a good thing, now to see some results on the scale.........

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I just noticed

I have 10 whole followers!! Thanks for reading me, it makes me smile to know my ramblings are entertaining someone other than myself  :) I suck at commenting on others blogs but I do read them, I read too many probably 30 or so. I'm still tryna get them all updated to RSS so they show on the side bar.
Thanks for being here


Saturday, March 12, 2011

It moved

In the right direction finally!  The scale, it went down!  I hit 239 the other day but floated back up to 243 where I hovered before. Yesterday I weighed 242 and this morning. . . 238.8!! My lowest to date, this is how much I weighed the day I had my daughter, a year and 2 weeks ago.

I know y'all say feeling a fill takes time and I understand this could be residual swelling but for right now,   I'm in a great place. Yesterday started with a was myoplex chocolate shake with 25g protein, lunch was a small blt cobb salad from Wendy's, dinner was a small chili. I bought the 2 for 4.99 at lunch. We finished lunch about 1230 and I wasn't hungry until 530. I don't think I've just not been hungry that long before, it was a great realization.

I'm taking lil dude to a birthday party this afternoon and we haven't gotten a gift yet :-o so we're gonna spend some mother/son time looking for something.

Have a fantastic weekend


Friday, March 11, 2011


I think I've found my new thing!! It's so much fun but kicks my butt so hard. I'm really feeling some kind of pitiful right now. Haven't decided if I'm gonna drag my ass-parts to class in the morning.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm typing on my phone plz forgive any typos.

Dr A did a good fill, 4.5ccs. He says I have the standard band so I'm guessing 10cc total. It was pretty cool and not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. He uses flouroscopy and a local anesthetic. I felt the pop as he hit the port but nothing else. I'm waiting the standard 30 min before Olivia and I leave, and so far no problems drinking my water.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beautiful day of NSV's

This morning, 239.8 on the scale, that was a great start to my day. I had a date with a friend to go to Zumba for the first time tonight at 6, Oh Hell Yes, that was fantastic!! I never imagined I'd enjoy it so much, I have this thing about shaking my ass in front of dudes lifting weights. We used the main gym floor, so on both sides of this HUGE class there were soldiers doing the regular gym stuff, facing us :-/ It was incredible and there were a few ladies in front of us that were also instructors so their hollering and motivation was contagious. I can't wait to do it again, I will be there Thursday night and again Saturday morning. THEN since I was all amp'd up when class was over, I went to the track and ran. Do you hear me, I RAN! I haven't run since high school maybe college, I know I'm gonna pay for it tomorrow but I am ecstatic that I was able to run a complete lap, I walked a 2nd one and then went home on a natural high.

Tomorrow I get my first fill, I can't wait to see how my body responds to the fill plus the exercising. I'm all smiles.


Monday, March 7, 2011

A few pictures

I finally took some pictures! Nothing major just a few profile shots at 38 days and one at 5 days post op. Pardon my living room, I've got small kids remember :)
Here goes

5 days post op

 38 days/5 weeks  
38 days/5 weeks 

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I know ya'll are thinking I got a few readers and quit writing. Nah, that's not it, it's just been a whole lotta life happening .

It all started Tuesday morning when the little one woke with fever, she's a clingy, crying mess when she's sick so that was a cuddle day. Wednesday, the same thing, fever, fussing, clinging, blech, I'm ready for this illness to be done. Thursday no fever but dstill crying and clinging to me, I cannot stand to have a kid that screams if she's not being held, that's a fate worse than death to me. I mean, I couldn't put her down at my feet to stir a pot, it was insane. Thursday evening, daycare calls at 5:15 saying my son has pink-eye and it's been draining all day. Uh, HELLO if it's been draining all day, why did you wait til the end of the fracking day to call and say something is wrong!? I can't make an appointment on post after 4 pm and that's on a prayer we'll get a same day appt in the after hours clinic and I HAVE A MIDTERM TOMORROW!! Cheese and crackers it was frustrating. I told hubby he was gonna have to go to work late, I have got to take my test, BTW I got an 86 :) Friday, I take the baby to my friend who watches her when I'm in class and go take my test. Hubby takes the boy to check on his eye, yuck, it is pinkeye and he has drops. My day started at 7am and since I don't work that was too early. I came home and both kids took naps, instead of me resting, I worked out. Yay me, Gold's Gym, Cardio on the Wii is awesome! Towards the end of the session a girlfriend calls and we end up eating at Cheddars(junk) walking through Target and it's after 9pm when the kids and I get home. I'm beyond tired and the weekend has just begun. Today I started with getting my nails done at 10, I hit Walmart for groceries, and searched Hobby Lobby AND Dollar General looking for a $500 bill refrigerator magnet, no luck. After a quick shower about 1:30, I hit a Tupperware party at 2, a baby shower at 2:30 and then hit 2 stores to window shop with the same friend from last night. Again I got home after 9 tonight. Tomorrow, I'm taking the boy to a birthday party at a bowling alley at 330, I'm so glad that's later in the day, but I've RSVP'd for a Army Wives viewing party at 730, so we know I'll be out til after 9 yet again.

In the midst of all of this, my eating has been crap but the scale hasn't moved any more than the 2 lbs that have been flopping around every day for the past couple weeks. I have realized I'm drinking when I eat, what started as a sip became a full on glass 'o water while I'm eating. My hunger comes back within 2 hours, and that has got to stop. So as I step away from the meal/beverage combo, I'm mentally preparing myself for my first fill and 2 days of liquids. I'm really excited to get this fill, I can really feel a difference between the post op restriction and now. I'm able to eat whatever though not as much BUT it's still not as much as I could or would eat pre-band. Thank goodness my self control has tried to hang in there despite the eating and drinking.

Geez, I've typed a whole novel!! I'm gonna watch the rest of Iron Chef and go to bed, it's been a long few days and it's not over yet


Friday, March 4, 2011

Thank you!!

Good morning everyone! Before getting lost in this midterm, I wanted to say thank you so much for the  support!! Uh oh she's passing out the test fingers crossed!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Measurements/Weight 1 Month Post-op

I haven't shared my weight and tonight we took my measurements :) My clothes are fitting really differently and that has made me not so concerned about the actual number on the scale moving. The journey began with an appointment to my PCM in late October, I weighed 263. WTF?! I'm only 5 ft tall, how the hell did I get up to 263 from 240 not 3 months before! In that appointment I asked about bariatric surgery, my ever supportive doc said absolutely, she supports my decision and if I need further referrals to just send her an email to skip having to wait for the office visit (remember I'm an Army wife). November I got the phone call from a hospital about 45 min away, they'd gotten my referral and I need to get a psych eval, go to support group, nutritionist, the usual stuff. I couldn't attend any of the support groups until the psych eval was done, I thought that was stupid. I get the referral to psych and that same week I get a call from the army hospital that the military docs who are trained in bariatric surgeries (all 4 of them) were returning from deployment and I have the option of doing everything there. After the info session on base, I was sold on doing it here instead of 45 min away. I had every requirement met before Christmas except attending support group. Jan 12 I went to group and Jan 28 I was banded.

I'm kicking myself that I didn't take measurements at the start because I'm certain there are a good many inches gone since then.

Highest Weight - 263
Current Weight - 241
Goal Weight - 170
My weight hasn't moved in probably 2 weeks, it stalled right when (.) was supposed to show. It was 2 weeks late and that's odd in and of itself. Hopefully once it ends, my weight will start to drop again.

Bust - 38, down from 42
Waist - 43
Hips - 51, they've been 51 since HS
L Thigh - 30
R Thigh - 33(weird I know)
L Arm - 16.5
R Arm - 16.5


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'm having trouble eating enough calories each day. I'm kinda scared to start working out because that will further emphasize the deficit. What to do, what to do?