Sunday, February 19, 2012


I really am sucking at this blogging thing. My 1 yr bandiversary has come and gone, my scale is hanging out at 218 and Friday I'm having major surgery. Life is a bitch right now :( Hubby is in the sandbox doing help-desk type work, the food is not that great so I've been sending all kinds of goodies. I've been really good about not keeping crap foods in the house, now to manage my night time eating. I'm still adjusting to him being gone and the kids were taking it really hard, 6 weeks has really made a difference for all of us. I can finally sleep more than 5 hours, our daughter doesn't think every time the laptop is on we're using Skype and our son is finally talking to me about his feelings. He said he's sad and misses Daddy, and he's mad that I said he had to go to work. It makes me think he thinks it's my fault daddy had to go. I hope time and skype and emails will help him realize that this is his work. Anywho, I'm still around, trying to prepare my house and kids for the surgery, my mom is here so we're not alone.