Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today was my first day back to work. It was fun, I enjoyed it, but I'm not quite sure I want to work at all.

I quit a full time job to be a stay at home mommy oh ... 4 years ago. I had a part time gig at Lane Bryant before quitting so I always had something to do. Jan '08 our son was born and 8 months later we moved to TX. I hadn't worked at all since being here until this past November when I started working for Lane Bryant again. I figured it would be good for a few dollars through the holiday season. I dunno, maybe 2 kids and 2+ years changed me but I don't think I'm cut out for retail anymore, or maybe I outgrew it.

Before, I was a maniac shopper, I have more clothes in my closet than I have reason to wear, it doesn't help that my employee discount is 40% either. So back to today, I worked I looked at all the pretty things and felt out of place. I didn't want to look through those things and find the perfect item for me. It feels wrong to shop, I can see the future and clothes from LB aren't there. I'm not gonna lie, the spring line is really pretty and I can't wait to buy new bras and panties but clothes are not a priority.
Last year my mom had gastric bypass, she was a size smaller than me last spring, now she's dropped 2 more sizes. When she visits next month, I'm getting her summer stuff. I have no reason to shop for clothes, between the things I have and the things she's bringing, I'm set til probably a size 14. I'm currently a 22.

I feel like I'm rambling but I guess I needed to get this out. Hi, I'm a shopaholic that doesn't want to shop for myself. I'm really excited to go through my closet and pull out things that are too big. I'm all for sending clothes to someone who needs it next. Since most of my stuff is LB it's hard for me to donate, I'd rather give them directly to someone, those clothes have a special place in my heart. That's probably why I have so many clothes, in so many sizes, taking up so much space......


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Frozen meals

Today I went to Walmart and saw they have GV brand Lean Cuisine type frozen meals. Hmmmm, now a lot of times I don't really fret over name brands, hell I don't even like LC's, they're bland. But since they were  near the Healthy Choice meals, that I do like, I took a chance and purchased a couple. I hope they are good, they're only a buck fifty, 300 calories and 15g protein.

As far as food journaling goes, I ate 1192 1 day and 1248 the next, not bad I think.

til next time

Friday, February 25, 2011

the hunger

Hi there, I'm back :) The trip to the vet was crazy like I said it would be, thank goodness my dog is pretty well behaved I don't think I could have done it otherwise. I expected her to weigh around 75lbs and she came in at . . .87lbs!!! OMG my poor Mokah, her joints have to be on fire. She is now on a Mommy-imposed diet. The Vet didn't even come in the room, no one mentioned her weight a tech gave her the vaccinations and sent us on our way :/ WTF I honestly expected someone to say something about her being so heavy. Maybe I'm projecting on her, any doc I saw always said something about mine.

For me and my still unnamed band, I've decided to journal my food. I'm not sure if I am gonna post it here or if I can stay honest with myself on paper. I'm thinking to stay between 1100-1300 and see how that goes for me.  I weighed 240 this morning and I've been writing 2 days worth. How do I figure out the calories of meals made from scratch? I used all fresh ingredients last night so that hasn't been written in. Today I ate packaged foods and stayed very conscious of calories and protein but feel hungry a lot sooner. I'm befuddled. I haven't had my first fill, that's scheduled March 9, oh snap that's in less than 2 weeks!! I'll be about 6.5 weeks PO. I'm guessing since my hunger returns in 2.5-3 hours Dr Acheson might be conservative with my fill. I dunno, he doesn't do the support groups, those are run by the Nutritionist. Hell I didn't meet the man (very handsome, southern man) until my pre-op appointment, oh 2 days before surgery. Gotta love the military.

I'm gonna go figure out what to have for an actual dinner, I don't wanna blow my calories on snacking.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

so, what the French.... toast?!

 my weight was up last night to 243 and this morning it's 240 aarrrggghhhhh. I know it's not supposed to be some super fast change but jeez louise the flip flopping can be really disheartening. Today my lovely little lady, O and I are taking Mokah, our chocolate lab, to the vet on base. This should be (f'ing insane) interesting. It's nap time and it's gloomy as all hell outside. Oh!! Let's not forget they don't usually allow children in the vet so there's no way I'm using a stroller. So I'll be wrangling an 80lb dog while wearing my daughter in a all at 27 days post op

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello Bandland!!

Hello world!! I've been a blog lurker for years and it's feeling like time to start one of my own. I had lap band surgery Jan 28 2011 and I'm feeling great! This morning I hit a new low, 239.8 and my NSV was putting my belt on a tighter loop!! My starting weight was 258 and that was before the pre-op diet, so that was around the new year.

Other stuff :
Uh, I have a husband of 4 years 2 kids and a dog. We're a military family and I'm praying we get to leave Texas soon, our families are too far away and we're all allergic to this place, including the dog :/