Wednesday, August 31, 2011

working out

This morning I got up at 830 fixed a protein shake that rivals a Starbucks frappe and went to the gym. I walked the treadmill for 45 min at 3.2mph and 4.5 incline, that was crazy in an of it self but I needed to move my ass. Then I came home and did about 30 of the Insanity DVD's, that shit is INSANE!! I couldn't do all the moves or even last a minute on the ones I could do but I didn't stop moving. I had to sit for an hour before I showered because I was still sweating. Not damp shirt, bra, socks, I but having to mop my brow for new sweat beads before it gets into my eyes for a solid hour after I sat my ass still. IT FELT SO GOOD!!! I had heard about a Zumba-thon for an instructor that is leaving the area, it was at a gym in the city and would be free to the public. I did 2 hours of Zumba, on top of everything I did this morning, and I'm gonna do it again tomorrow. Maybe not the Zumba, although there is a class tomorrow night at my usual place, I think tomorrow will be the treadmill with a little jogging thrown in and then I'll come home and do pilates on Netflix.

The local weight loss group asked if we had any goals for September
1.  to go get my babies from grandma's house, I miss them sooooo much (it's been 3 weeks so far)
2.  to get back on track with eating
3. to continue exercising and hopefully start running, for real
4. to lose at least 15 lbs this month, REGARDLESS of TOM fluctuation I know I will gain 3-5lbs but it can go just as quickly as it came

I'm gonna beg hubby to massage my calves before we go to bed


Friday, August 26, 2011

7 month photos

Hi family, I suck at posting I know. Still stalled but inches are still moving. I took pics today :) As usual I'm in my daughters room. I keep thinking I should put those jackets in the closet but I never do it.......


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Food Allergies

Does anyone have food allergies they work around with the band? Or find out about allergies AFTER being banded? I went a few weeks ago to the allergist to have them check for environmental stuff, my sinuses and breathing in general were awful. Standard for the office is to test the top 8 foods. . .  I reacted to all of them and all of the environmentals, 70+ items altogether. Well today, I went for a follow-up to be tested for the rest of the foods another 60+ items, all of them positive. They want me to do a food trial, cut things out for 2 weeks then add them back in one at a time. Sounds good in theory. We agreed to do the ones with highest reaction first, 4-5 at a time.

What the hell am I supposed to eat now? Beef, pork, chicken, fish, shrimp, peanuts, dairy, soy and wheat/rye/barley are either in everything and/or the best ways I've learned to get my protein. I'm frustrated, scared, confused, lost and most of all PISSED. I went through surgery to help me lose weight and now I'm scared my tool is going to have to be taken away because I can't eat band friendly things. I've scheduled an appt with the nutritionist, Ruth, for next Tuesday. Hopefully, she can point me in the right direction and help me not to survive on gummy bears since sugar seems to be the only thing I can eat. WTF is that about, FML!!