Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm alive. . . barely

*Intense whining ahead*

I'm alive, just feeling like crap. I had allergy testing June 23 and ain't been right since. 2 weeks ago I started snotting, ok, summer cold I can handle this. then I started coughing, ugh, I hate this cough is dry and unproductive. I can't sleep, I can barely walk to the car cuz i'm coughing so much. I go to the doc and they're like 'Oh, it's just an allergy attack here's an inhaler, steroid and decongestant. You'll be fine in a few days' Uh, no. It's a frigging week later on meds and 2 weeks since the start of this crap, I'm not fine, if anything I'm worse. The cough is making me gag and my left eye looks suspiciously like conjunctivitis. I think I have lung-junk-tivitis. somebody better figure this shit out, I'm so tired of being sick and tired. I guess it's not all bad, my weight is still dropping, about 1.5lb a week since last TOM. That's usually when I gain, and the past 2 months had been ridiculous, I didn't gain but I couldn't lose either. Anywho, I went to a doc yesterday and he says it's allergies but it's more like allergic asthma, that's why I'm coughing so much and here's another Rx. This time it's Singulair, I think this is probably the better one as opposed to the decongestant. This morning I wake up coughing up my guts, spitting bubbles, it was so much like the frothy crap that comes before a PB, it was miserable. I have my Pharmacy Tech final tomorrow, I cannot walk in there tomorrow morning cradling a trashcan, that would not be cool. I think I'm done whining now, my weight is still dropping, I'm drinking plenty water because the meds are drying me out so bad and it's been 105 outside for the past 2 weeks. I'm so excited to hopefully be on my way back to GA at the end of the year, if I could fast forward 4 months, it would be better weather in TX and I'd be that much closer to going home and being a place with friends and family and a life outside of the military.

the military lifestyle is overrated



  1. So sorry you feel so lousy! Hope you start to feel better soon. And good job on the weight loss!

  2. that really sucks that you are feeling like crap.

    And I agree the military life is over rated.

  3. This cough is still non productive? You need a nebulizer, none of this puny ass inhaler shit. and "lung-junk-tivitis" is pure genius--Im swiping it but giving you full credit.

    I hope you get completely well soon, because man, I'm ready to put on mask on you write this so well!

    Feel better honey

  4. man, Chrissy, you're right, I didn't think about the nebulizer. Singulair seems to have done the trick, got a 2 week follow up on that tomorrow. The doc will probably laugh at me, I couldn't sleep on the 10 mg so I take the 4mg chewable we had for my son. Good thing they don't taste terrible :)