Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hello World!!

So what had happened was my laptop died early November. Knowing that the move was coming and there were other things to spend on, I went without a computer. My cell was enough for basic stuff but writing a blog post wasn't happening. Tonight hubby and I left the kids with my sister and went Christmas shopping for the kids. We stopped for dinner and he suggested we walk around Best Buy, he's a nerd so wanting to go there wasn't odd. Once we were there he said 'You have $700, pick a computer' straight to the point but not romantic at all ;-) 

My weight dropped 7lbs during the week leading to the move but all 7 came back, brought friends AND TOM, not happy about that but I know that it was probably dehydration coupled htwith not eating AT ALL for 4   days, I lived on coffee. Once I started drinking again and trying to eat more regularly and TOM of course, the weight came back. It's really time to do measurements, I think for as long as I've been stalled the inches are gonna be the biggest reflection of good habits.

The new house is beautiful, the realtor we're renting through is a real bitch but that will get worked out I'm sure. If not by me, then hubby.
Thanks for sticking around during my radio silence :) It's probably gonna take me some time to get in the blogging habit but I am here now 


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