Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy still

I went to class this past Friday and got a 101 on my quiz!! I studied my butt off, it was a lot of material AND we had a sub. Who the hell has a sub in college?! That was some weird stuff but it was nice to have a different perspective and teaching style. I went Thursday for a followup/fill and ended up getting just barely .5cc. Under flouro it was pretty obvious that if I had anymore of a fill I wouldn't be able to eat, that means it is sup to me to get my ass in gear and really do this thing. I know my biggest problem is breaking the habit of eating and drinking. I have been trying to not even have a drink nearby when I eat to avoid the impulse to sip. A couple days of that has already proven to be FABULOUS, I'm down to 228 this morning, that's 3lbs from Thursday at the docs office AND while Tom was in town! I felt like poop Thursday after my appt and the light bulb finally came on Friday morning, I hadn't been drinking enough. Friday morning after 10 or so hours of sleep I still felt like hell. I grabbed a gatorade on the way to school and felt so much better. I've been conscious of maintaining hydration, I drink 3-4 16.9 oz bottles of water each day and maybe 8-10oz of other stuff and its obviously working since the scale is moving again.

This week I'm going to work on a baby quilt for a shower June 11 and this Friday is my birthday! Hopefully it won't be too stressful since I'll be spending the bulk of it in the classroom. My professor said she'll make this one of our pizza days and use school $ to feed us, I'm gonna take cupcakes. There are only 8 of us in this class I feel comfortable sharing this with them, after all it is my 30th birthday. Our plan is to go to an early movie Saturday and that's it, no parties, no alcohol (maybe), just hubby and the kids. A quiet day doing the one thing I really wanna do and it allows us to be a couple for a few hours then we can come home and be a family of 4. I think Saturday would be a good day for progress photos, I'm sure there has to be a visual difference by now!


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  1. Happy Birthday, Shelly! I had a awesome party for my 30th but your plan sounds like a relaxing way to spend your birthday. A date night with your hubby. Enjoy your day! *M*