Monday, May 30, 2011

Why did I do this. . .

I just read a post over at Maria's that hit a nerve. She talks about the need to reset ourselves to continue to go towards our goals. I've hit a weight that I've been comfortable in before and because of the familiarity with this place that I haven't been a good bandster because I'm 'OK' at this weight. I did not have major surgery to become complacent after losing 30lbs, if that's all I really wanted to do, why bother? So like Maria said, I need to reset, mind and body to get into the groove of reaching my goal weight. 30lbs is indeed an accomplishment but it is not the end of my quest for better health (and better shopping).

I know I have some fears about loose skin that have already become reality but I honestly can't say I'm surprised. My thighs are a mess!! I've always had large thighs even when I was 120lbs 15 years ago, my mom has big thighs. She had GB 18mos ago has lost 150lbs and she wears spanx to hold it all together. I'm sad to know that's probably my future because I can't imagine having to wear spanx thru the TX summer but dammit if it helps my smaller clothes look better on my shrinking body, I'll do what I have to do.

So to Maria and anyone else in reset mode, let's do this! We have lived with this weight long enough to decide that we had had enough of carrying it around and had surgery to help the process. It's time to work with this band, minimize the self sabotage and let the weight and it's grip on our self-perception go!

I want to propose a toast *to us, getting even more healthy* 



  1. yay for resetting! I need to do this as well!

  2. This Maria you speak of sounds very wise and seems like a gorgeous redhead.... LOL. Anyway, It is always hard to get back on track but we all have been here before, only this time we don't have to relose the weight we gained back... Yay! Maintenance! *M*