Saturday, February 26, 2011

Frozen meals

Today I went to Walmart and saw they have GV brand Lean Cuisine type frozen meals. Hmmmm, now a lot of times I don't really fret over name brands, hell I don't even like LC's, they're bland. But since they were  near the Healthy Choice meals, that I do like, I took a chance and purchased a couple. I hope they are good, they're only a buck fifty, 300 calories and 15g protein.

As far as food journaling goes, I ate 1192 1 day and 1248 the next, not bad I think.

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  1. I got a stouffers baked chicken with mashed potatoes... It was yummy and has 240 calories and 24 grams of protein. Pretty good, huh! I haven't gotten many frozen meals although I love Gordon's Grilled Tilapia but it is pretty pricey at almost $4, I would like to eat one fillet at a time and have it for 2 meals but I always end up eating both... for like 160 calories and 28 grams of protein. The signature grilled is delicious without tartar sauce or anything. i really love fish these days... post-band. This was a long-winded comment... Sorry.