Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello Bandland!!

Hello world!! I've been a blog lurker for years and it's feeling like time to start one of my own. I had lap band surgery Jan 28 2011 and I'm feeling great! This morning I hit a new low, 239.8 and my NSV was putting my belt on a tighter loop!! My starting weight was 258 and that was before the pre-op diet, so that was around the new year.

Other stuff :
Uh, I have a husband of 4 years 2 kids and a dog. We're a military family and I'm praying we get to leave Texas soon, our families are too far away and we're all allergic to this place, including the dog :/



  1. OMG... What a beautiful baby! You look amazing too!

  2. Hey! DiZneDiVa sent me over! What an adorable baby!!!

    We started really close to the same weight, me at 256. Your already doing wonderful!