Friday, April 1, 2011

Back to Reality.... Friday?

I had class this morning but before I got dressed I had to see if all the fun times and hanging out this week had any affect on the scale. It did, in a good way, I am down to 236 this morning!!! That's 3 lbs from 30 lbs down from the rude awakening of seeing 263 on the scale in October. My next fill appointment is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, I know I probably won't get a fill but it sure will be nice to step on their very official scale and have this victory typed into my medical record :)

Eating is good, slow but satisfying and my choices are reasonable. Today, I ran to the Shoppette(the gas station on the base) and grabbed a Lunchable and Grandma's peanut butter cookies, you know they come in packs of 2. It probably took me 30 min to eat but whatever, I ate 1 cookie with lunch (mmmm, it was delicious!)  The other one on my ride to pick up my Liv from the sitter, 3 hours after our lunch break. Now it's time for dinner and I'm getting a little hungry. But I kind of hoped hubby would have been home by now so we could go out for dinner *sigh* not so lucky today.

On another note, OMG learning all the drugs, actions and categories is going to melt my brain!! Does it ever get easier?!

*LCK glad you stopped by, it's great to still have your support! You helped me get this process started, thank you.

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