Monday, April 25, 2011


I've got 2 pairs of denim capris size 24, one Old Navy the other Lane Bryant, anybody want them? I'm a whole 5 ft tall and the ON pair hit my ankle, I cuffed them twice to make them look like capris on me, they also have a lot of stretch and give during the day. the LB pair are still kinda long on me, maybe low calf area, funny looking but short enough to not look like floods LOL they have a cuff that's about 1.5 in, and both pair are a medium wash, kinda like this. Leave a comment and I'll email you for your address, if there's multiple replies, I'll use or if there's only 2 replies, I'll post pictures and let y'all decide. I'll try to take some pics of them tomorrow anyway.

On my hotsexymama quest, I've PB'd 2x since my last fill, first time I was probably eating too fast but the second time I'm not so sure. I took a bite, chased a kid, took another bite and got all slimy and sick and stuff. I'm torn between thinking it's too tight and not tight enough, it varies day to day and it's a big variance. Some days, I haven't been able to tolerate white meats AT ALL, no matter the preparation, it could be stewed and I'd still feel choked up. On other days I can eat whatever I want. It's one hell of a learning curve. I was expecting TOM last weekend and felt like hell and doggonit I checked my calendar and it's not due til this week. Energy is low, sleep is terrible and I've not been working out like I should. However, I do bench press the baby LOL I think she's put on a few pounds, my arms are sore after our session today. It's crazy how I've incorporated the kids into my little moments of strength training. I put my son across my lap and do leg raises for lower abs, I hold Liv over my head and 'bench press' her. Joe will lay on the floor with me and do yoga moves. He get so excited for me to 'move my body' it's such a great motivator and I know I'm being that example for him and Liv to lead active lifestyles.

don't forget about the March for Babies 5K in Austin May 7. Ya'll pray I get some mileage in this week, I'm feeling weak, hips hurting and such. I know I need to make sure my body is primed for this event, I do not want to embarrass myself LOL


  1. I love Capris... Pretty please! I would love to be rockin' them this summer. I am 5'8" so many pants end up looking like floods or if I get tall, I look like I'm drowning in denim.

  2. They're spoken for! Maria email me your address :) Rahshell.Dorsey @ gmail