Tuesday, April 5, 2011

why is this so hard?

Last week was a fantastic visit from my mom, I haven't worked out since the week before she came. we did a bit of the wii cardio boxing but eh, it wasn't a zumba class. I really need to get out and run!! I didn't go to zumba tonight because the little lady was asleep, I know she's a beast if you wake her and we ran errands ALL DAY LONG so she hadn't napped at all. No way was I gonna leave that crabby patty with the childcare at the gym. I got dressed to go for a run for when hubby got home, but we are now 3 hours dressed and no sign of hubby. Little lady is up from her nap, little dude has eaten twice and I'm still waiting to burn some real calories. UGH!!! Tomorrow hubby is getting Lasik, so that means I need to be calm for obvious reasons. I've gotta get both kids to daycare on opposite sides of town and make it to my fill appointment too. I really need a run, a trip to the gym, a treadmill, a track, a few (30+) minutes to myself to get centered and work up a sweat. I never thought getting a workout in would be this complicated.

The fill appointment probably won't result in a fill since my weight loss has been pretty steady per my scale. Since I'll already be at the hospital with hubby, I'm keeping my appt, it's just on another floor.

~til next time

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  1. I had Lasik done about four and a half year ago, next to lap band, it was the best money I've ever spent!

    I hope you find some time to sneak your work out in!