Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wogging :)

my version of walking and jogging

I went to the gym yesterday, 1mi on the treadmill and 2mi on the bike! I was having a frustrating Friday and usually the gym time would make me feel better but nope. This morning I was still kinda grumpy and Hubby suggested we go out for breakfast, eh ok. That went ok, then the boy wanted to walk around 'the circle' aka Target :) Cracker Barrel is in the same shopping plaza.

I decided this evening that I wanted to go out for a 'run' again. Hubby was like, sure, do your thing. I wanted to do the 2.2mi loop but ended up doing 1.56. The first stretch of road doesn't have sidewalks and lots of rocks in the grass because of construction going on, I started jogging and stepped on a rock and almost rolled my ankle. I have weak ankles to begin with so that made the next stretch tough. I decided to turn one corner sooner just to ensure I didn't get caught far from home in a lot of pain. Anywho, I headed back and found some sidewalk :D that made me really happy so I jogged a bit more. The next corner was HELL into the wind and uphill for 1/4mile, I had to push . . . hhhhard. It was one hell of a way to finish up a quick walk. Took me right at 30 minutes, so I feel my time was pretty good. Maybe I should sign up for the 5k that's coming up, hold on let me check the date.......*insert Jeopardy theme music* Aww hell, it's next weekend. Not confident I can do the distance without crapping out : / To be honest with myself, I'm scared of not finishing. We'll see, I might grow a pair and register online this week, or not.

The scale is holding tight at 235, this is one hell of a place to have a plateau. Note to self, can I get these 2lbs off to meet my 30 lbs goal, please, pretty please.

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  1. Hey, your out there doing it, and that is great! if you don't feel confident for the 5k next week, look for another one a little ways out and start training for it. That is what I'm going to do as soon as we get moved!

    I like your new layout!