Saturday, March 5, 2011


I know ya'll are thinking I got a few readers and quit writing. Nah, that's not it, it's just been a whole lotta life happening .

It all started Tuesday morning when the little one woke with fever, she's a clingy, crying mess when she's sick so that was a cuddle day. Wednesday, the same thing, fever, fussing, clinging, blech, I'm ready for this illness to be done. Thursday no fever but dstill crying and clinging to me, I cannot stand to have a kid that screams if she's not being held, that's a fate worse than death to me. I mean, I couldn't put her down at my feet to stir a pot, it was insane. Thursday evening, daycare calls at 5:15 saying my son has pink-eye and it's been draining all day. Uh, HELLO if it's been draining all day, why did you wait til the end of the fracking day to call and say something is wrong!? I can't make an appointment on post after 4 pm and that's on a prayer we'll get a same day appt in the after hours clinic and I HAVE A MIDTERM TOMORROW!! Cheese and crackers it was frustrating. I told hubby he was gonna have to go to work late, I have got to take my test, BTW I got an 86 :) Friday, I take the baby to my friend who watches her when I'm in class and go take my test. Hubby takes the boy to check on his eye, yuck, it is pinkeye and he has drops. My day started at 7am and since I don't work that was too early. I came home and both kids took naps, instead of me resting, I worked out. Yay me, Gold's Gym, Cardio on the Wii is awesome! Towards the end of the session a girlfriend calls and we end up eating at Cheddars(junk) walking through Target and it's after 9pm when the kids and I get home. I'm beyond tired and the weekend has just begun. Today I started with getting my nails done at 10, I hit Walmart for groceries, and searched Hobby Lobby AND Dollar General looking for a $500 bill refrigerator magnet, no luck. After a quick shower about 1:30, I hit a Tupperware party at 2, a baby shower at 2:30 and then hit 2 stores to window shop with the same friend from last night. Again I got home after 9 tonight. Tomorrow, I'm taking the boy to a birthday party at a bowling alley at 330, I'm so glad that's later in the day, but I've RSVP'd for a Army Wives viewing party at 730, so we know I'll be out til after 9 yet again.

In the midst of all of this, my eating has been crap but the scale hasn't moved any more than the 2 lbs that have been flopping around every day for the past couple weeks. I have realized I'm drinking when I eat, what started as a sip became a full on glass 'o water while I'm eating. My hunger comes back within 2 hours, and that has got to stop. So as I step away from the meal/beverage combo, I'm mentally preparing myself for my first fill and 2 days of liquids. I'm really excited to get this fill, I can really feel a difference between the post op restriction and now. I'm able to eat whatever though not as much BUT it's still not as much as I could or would eat pre-band. Thank goodness my self control has tried to hang in there despite the eating and drinking.

Geez, I've typed a whole novel!! I'm gonna watch the rest of Iron Chef and go to bed, it's been a long few days and it's not over yet



  1. You have been one busy lady! I know things will feel more settled once the kids are healthy again. Nothing throws a kink in your plans quite like sick kids. Get some rest when you can!

  2. thanks Sarah, I know Monday won't be that day, I have a date with a yoga class

  3. OMG... After reading your day, i need a nap. You are doing great, the scale is weird until after the first couple fills... so just keep learning new eating habits and you'll be fine.

  4. You are one busy bee! Hang in there!