Friday, March 18, 2011

I missed. . .

Zumba. I'm pretty sad about it but I have good reason,  we spent ALL DAMN day at the Automax and finally took home a 2011 Ford Escape! Im so excited it's my first brand new car, she only had 36 miles and some of that was my test drive. It stunk that I missed zumba but hello I needed to eat and settle a bit before that cardio. As it was, we skipped lunch and snacked on free drinks, krispy creams and split 2 string cheese sticks 3 ways. Hubby was a real trooper he's never bought a car with financing and a trade in. And my sweet baby girl was just hanging out and greeting folks like it was her job. We spent a total of maybe 7 hours there. It was about 630 when we got home, starving and frustrated at the stupid car buying process. I have cpr class in the am so I miss yoga too dangit! I'll be shaking my booty in zumba Saturday and hopefully I can get a swim in this weekend too. I need to keep moving so as not to lose momentum.

The scale made me smile this evening,  I didn't weigh this morning because it's hard to see the end of day higher. I saw 238.2 as a bedtime weight!! That's lower than my lowest morning :-) I'm tempted to see what the scale says in the morning but i'd hate to ruin my high. I'll try to hold out til tomorrow night. . . .we'll see



  1. I really need to post something on my blog to let ppl know about my hubby! He retired from ford, wish I would've known u were looking to buy new, we could have gotten u the friends and family plan! I love the new escapes.

  2. thats great that you got a new car!
    Awesome job on the weight.