Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Measurements/Weight 1 Month Post-op

I haven't shared my weight and tonight we took my measurements :) My clothes are fitting really differently and that has made me not so concerned about the actual number on the scale moving. The journey began with an appointment to my PCM in late October, I weighed 263. WTF?! I'm only 5 ft tall, how the hell did I get up to 263 from 240 not 3 months before! In that appointment I asked about bariatric surgery, my ever supportive doc said absolutely, she supports my decision and if I need further referrals to just send her an email to skip having to wait for the office visit (remember I'm an Army wife). November I got the phone call from a hospital about 45 min away, they'd gotten my referral and I need to get a psych eval, go to support group, nutritionist, the usual stuff. I couldn't attend any of the support groups until the psych eval was done, I thought that was stupid. I get the referral to psych and that same week I get a call from the army hospital that the military docs who are trained in bariatric surgeries (all 4 of them) were returning from deployment and I have the option of doing everything there. After the info session on base, I was sold on doing it here instead of 45 min away. I had every requirement met before Christmas except attending support group. Jan 12 I went to group and Jan 28 I was banded.

I'm kicking myself that I didn't take measurements at the start because I'm certain there are a good many inches gone since then.

Highest Weight - 263
Current Weight - 241
Goal Weight - 170
My weight hasn't moved in probably 2 weeks, it stalled right when (.) was supposed to show. It was 2 weeks late and that's odd in and of itself. Hopefully once it ends, my weight will start to drop again.

Bust - 38, down from 42
Waist - 43
Hips - 51, they've been 51 since HS
L Thigh - 30
R Thigh - 33(weird I know)
L Arm - 16.5
R Arm - 16.5



  1. Hey Rahshell, I just noticed that you commented on my blog a couple months ago... I went back to read my first post since this month I will be banded one year... I was re-reading where I was at in my thinking when I started writing my blog and there was your comment. I am so sorry I didn't visit you blog until now but I look forward to following your journey, it looks like I came over st an exciting time... Congrats! *Maria*:DiZneDiVa-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Follow my journey at

  2. BTW, I still didn't take any measurements... I wish I had. I started out so much heavier than most bandsters, so my measurements would probably really show me how much i've changed.. i've lost 116 pounds so far and It's hard to see with all the loose skin.

  3. oh, hey! Maria (diznediva) sent me over, I started out pretty much the same size as you (i was 261). You are doing great!

  4. Hey girlie, welcome to the community! It's nice getting to read the experiance of other military wives who go through this process. It's such a pain in the butt. Awesome job with your weight loss so far :)

  5. Came over to say Hi from diznediva's site also...and just wanted to send you support and encouragement. By the way--I am 5ft tall too! So hey and welcome from a fellow shortie!