Thursday, March 24, 2011

I forgot to say

I'm officially official, I PB'd last night for the first time. It started with tightness in my chest that usually means I need to slow down. I asked hubby for a sip of his drink then said nope that's not gonna work. Baby girl was standing on my foot since I was feeding her from my plate, I was trapped and couldn't stand without knocking her down. He says are you gonna throw up, by now all I can do is nod. He dumps out a bin we use as a toy box that's friggin HUGE and thrusts it at me like I'm gonna spew copious amounts. I burp and a mouthful of pork fried rice and that sip of root beer come back up. He's grabbed the kid and is screaming Go go before more comes up. Uh, dude, I'm done. He's baffled. Speechless and I start giggling. After vomiting from week 5-week 40 of both pregnancies, that was a friggin walk in the park!!! He's still confused. then says, well go clean that out before it starts to smell or something. I'm hysterically laughing because he is not a man to be short on shit-talk and he's so at a loss.
fast forward to tonight:

Him: I don't understand why that's called a productive burp. Isn't a burp already productive because gas comes out?
Me: Well, that's the name for it in the lap band community, productive burp or PB
Him: That's just gross, PB my ass. That wasn't a burp, if food comes up that's straight vomit!
Me: laughing, you know I'm gonna blog about this
Him: Yeah, probably. Just make sure you spell my name right!

who is this crazy man in my house, I probably couldn't eat my damn rice for laughing at him last night. My Mommy will be here this Friday!!!

Ok, I'm gonna go to bed, there's a zumba class at 1pm. I hear it's not as crowded AND child care is still provided on site. If it's lame, I'll be at the 530p class to make up for it :)

night ya'll

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  1. This is way to funny! If it makes you feel better, I can't eat rice without it coming back up! Which is a shame because I love rice! Glad you didn't have to run the child over to get relief!