Saturday, March 12, 2011

It moved

In the right direction finally!  The scale, it went down!  I hit 239 the other day but floated back up to 243 where I hovered before. Yesterday I weighed 242 and this morning. . . 238.8!! My lowest to date, this is how much I weighed the day I had my daughter, a year and 2 weeks ago.

I know y'all say feeling a fill takes time and I understand this could be residual swelling but for right now,   I'm in a great place. Yesterday started with a was myoplex chocolate shake with 25g protein, lunch was a small blt cobb salad from Wendy's, dinner was a small chili. I bought the 2 for 4.99 at lunch. We finished lunch about 1230 and I wasn't hungry until 530. I don't think I've just not been hungry that long before, it was a great realization.

I'm taking lil dude to a birthday party this afternoon and we haven't gotten a gift yet :-o so we're gonna spend some mother/son time looking for something.

Have a fantastic weekend


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